Over the last 10 years we have tried to compete with the larger chains with our own delivery service. It has been a struggle to find and retain drivers, keep the busy when they are not on the road, Insurance, thermal bags, software and so many other things required to run an efficient delivery service. In the last year we have been approched by other delivery services but their prices are too high. One service told us "We will LET you keep 65% of your sales". That didn't go over too well with us so we continued on using our own in house delivery personel. Recently, the largest delivery service contacted us and asked if we would consider partnering with them. They were very pleasent and offered a much better deal to deliver our food to you, our customers.  GrubHub with start delivering for us on March 12, 2018. Unfortunately, our delivery insurance expires at midnight on February 28, 2018. That leaves 11 days, 2 of which are Sundays that we will not be able to deliver. The good news is, we will always have a driver and our delivery hours will expand to include the whole day, from 10am until 10pm, Monday through Saturday.  Ordering will NOT change. You will place your order like you have always done by calling, faxing or going to and choose order. We will both get the Ehungry order and confirmation just like before. The only difference you will see is that instead of an in house driver, you will see a GrubHub Driver. You can order through GrubHub as they have our full menu BUT, it will cost us considerably more so please, continue ordering like you always have by calling or by ordering from our website. Many of you may have also noticed that we also accept orders through a company called SLICE. They are just an online ordering service and do NOT have delivery drivers. If you choose to order through slice, we will receive that order just like we receive orders through our website. SLICE does a better job marketing than I do and is yet another way to order from the Pastime. Thank you all for your understanding and we are all looking forward to Partnering with GrubHub and SLICE to get our Pizzas, Poboys and Calzones to our delivery customers.