AREA CONSTRUCTION I have had a few people ask about the construction that is going on around us and all of downtown. The construction company, J.B. James, has been SO accommodating and I got the news yesterday from the both the Day Supervisor and the Night Supervisor, that's right, they have been working 24 hours a day to finish the project, that next week, at a huge cost for the city and J.B. James Construction, will move EVERYTHING to a another area, back fill all of their boreholes, cover everything and clean the streets and the area so that it will be WIDE OPEN and spotless. There will be NO CONSTRUCTION, no construction barricades and all lanes and lots will be open and clean. They are under contract to have everything open and back to normal for all LSU Home Games, so do not even consider the construction will be and issue, because it will be as if there was no construction at all.